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New AMFA Board

Hello AMFA Families,

I wanted to take a moment to introduce AMFA's Executive Board.   Since the end of the 2015 season there has been some turnover on the board level.  
After several years of dedication to AMFA Bernie Kubistek, Lisa Glenn and Paul Pastore have elected to step down from their existing positions.   Since being elected into the role of President last December, I have worked to build a board that has the best interests of AMFA and its future in mind.   I believe we have achieved this goal with the experienced and new board members listed below: 
  • 1st Vice President (elected) -Todd Egan 
  • 2nd Vice President (elected) - Gary Gittins 
  • Secretary - Lynn Atencio 
  • Ken Giese (elected) - Treasurer 
  • 2nd Grade Coordinator - Marc Frates
  • 3rd & 4th Grade Coordinator - Mike Downing 
  • 5th & 6th Grade Coordinator - David Holland
  • 7th & 8th Grade Coordinator - Jason Burgess 
  • Team Mom Coordinator - Lynnette Hays
  • Social Media / Event Planner Coordinator - Sumer Schantz 
On Saturday we had our 2016 planning meeting.  I am very excited with the energy and commitment of all board members.   We'll have everyone's contact information updated on the website soon.  
My first goal is to keep AMFA on track.  A lot of great men and women before me have created the best youth sport organization in the state.  My goal is to ensure we continue to maintain that status.    
In addition we are focused on the below initiatives.   
  • Ensure that we meet the needs of our players and coaches. 
  • Maintain or increase AMFA's enrollment
  • Ensure we are active members of our communities and that we are building positive relationships that benefit both AMFA and community partners
  • Build a social media presence 
  • Create an outreach program to provide a greater awareness of AMFA's program 
  • Continue to seek opportunities to raise funds for scholarship needs through AMFA's camp 
  • Continue to teach a better safer game of football as members of USA Football 
Please click on the below links to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  
We all look forward to serving you and learning form you.  Please let us know how we can help. 
www.facebook.com/ArvadaFootball             https://twitter.com/AMFA_Football 
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