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Arvada Helping Arvada
by posted 04/16/2019

Arvada Youth Football Association is reaching out to our community in our time of need.   Many of you in Arvada know Jason Burgess one of our board members and a member of our community.   Jason is an Arvada West kid who continues to give back to the community that gave so much to him in his childhood.   Jason has coached in this league, coaches at Arvada West High School, has spent many years on our board mentoring and guiding coaches, parents, players, and other board members.   

Today, at the age of 41, Jason is fighting a battle which will require a kidney transplant.   He has been a diabetic since he was 20 which led to kidney disease this last fall.   Jason has just been cleared to be on the donors' list.   A living donor gives him the best chance for survival.   

We all look forward to the day that Jason is healthy again; a day when he isn't tired, unwell and can live life to its fullest!  If you would consider being a living donor, please complete the form at uchealthlivingdonor.org.   You'll need to know his name of Jason Burgess and birthday of 10/7/1977.   Donation coasts are covered by his insurance, and the information you share will be kept confidential with the transplant team.   Please share this information and our Facebook post on your own social media so that many more people can hear his story!  The more people who make this choice to donate the better Jason's chance for survival will be.  

We are Arvada, a close-knit family-friendly community that strives to take care of our own.  This provides us another opportunity to give back to those who have given so much to the youth of our community!   


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Youth Football Helmet Ratings
by posted 04/11/2019

A total of 17 youth football helmets have been rated using the STAR evaluation system. Our impact tests evaluate a helmet's ability to reduce linear and rotational acceleration of the head resulting from a range of head impacts that youth football players might see on the field. Our lab tests are based on data we collected directly from 10 to 14 year old youth football players that wore helmets equipped with sensors. 

Helmets with more stars provide a reduction in concussion risk for these impacts compared to helmets with less stars. While there are some differences in impact performance within groups, other factors such as cost, fit, and comfort should be considered when purchasing a helmet. 


Click on the below link to review Virginia Tech's youth football helmet ratings.

Virginia Tech's Youth Football Helmet Ratings

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